Bucket List Item #2

For the better part of a year I had entertained the idea of submitting my poetry to the venerable New Yorker, but I chickened out each time. Recently, I decided that I was being a lazy piece of shit, and that if I didn’t submit something, then I would punish myself by eating a lot of junk food (it makes me break out). Not wanting to deal with the consequences, I took the few, simple steps necessary, filled out a simple sheet, pressed send, and voila. It was literally very easy.

I know that the New Yorker isn’t going to look at my poetry and say, Gosh. Would you, would – hey David come look at this poetic genius we have here! We must, nay, are obligated to publish this in it’s own seperate magazine!

I mean, obviously that won’t happen. (It is fun to consider though)

In any case, I did it, and it feels great! I could be published! I don’t even care that a trillion other people also submit for the poetry slots. If I didn’t submit, I’d have a 0 out of 0 chance of getting published. But now that I have, I have a 50% chance. Either I don’t get published, or I do!!!!!!!! HOW COOL.

So now I’ve crossed off another tiny item. But also a big item. Sort of one-small-step kind of deal, and I’m weirdly proud of myself for it.

Congrats, Me, for doing something productive and also crossing another item off your bucket list!


My Bucket List

I’ve decided to make a bucket list. An unofficial one, I guess, but one nonetheless. So far its on sticky notes on my computer, and when I think of one, I put it up. So simple. Easy, breezy, beautiful, bucket list.

Like many, my bucket list includes a range of things I’d like to do. I don’t have a time frame yet, since I’m not sure how I’m organizing the list in it’s final form.

I have numbers like “get all A’s one semester” to “read all of Hemmingway’s works”, so you can see the scope in time needed. One I can do in a week (I’m joking. Two weeks), the other, a whole semester.

I’ll keep you posted, and maybe I’ll set up a side blog for this.

Wish me luck!