Gardening: TAKE TWO

One of my many Life Dreams is to have a farm. A cute little farm where I’d have reasonably sized chickens running around that aren’t hopped up on steroids. I’m not looking for gym chickens who regularly miss leg day and don’t see sunlight. I currently don’t eat chicken for this reason, and dream of eating eggs from chickens that are loved and healthy. And also mine. Mostly that part.

Below is a picture of me, hugging and petting one of my chickens who totally doesn’t have sharp talons and a viciously pointy beak. I’m living my best life and don’t care about safety or the future.

L’image contient peut-être : 1 personne, debout, enfant, herbe, arbre, plein air et nature
miraculously, I lived past childhood

I also desperately want bees, but that’s a post for another time. Bee’s are tantamount to our future and we are not taking it seriously. Wasps and hornets can go straight back to the hellfire whenst they came, but the rest can stay. And since we’re on the topic of creatures from the beyond, while moths and butterflies should be next in line, they do have the characteristic that they help pollination, so they get a pass from me.

To recap: I want a farm with bees and chickens. Until then, I’ll just have to garden.

The only drawback is that I’m a pretty lousy Grower of Things. Through trial and error I’ve figured out where things won’t grow in my yard, but it’s wasted nearly three years of decent produce. So I chalk it up to the dirt in which I plant. We’ll see what this year’s crop yields…

Today I planted lavender, and I’m so excited about it!

cultivating my french garden 








I also have a pepper plant and four tomato plants going.

look at these little buds!



pepper buds!

There’s nothing of note about my marigolds, since I seem to have a golden thumb when it comes to those guys. They are sprouting up like plants on a mission!




My goal is to actually have all these lil’ fellas to grow, bloom, and thrive. LET’S SEE!

I actually want to make an immediate redaction. I hate moths. They don’t have a pass. So they can go. They can go first. I won’t have peace until then.



Quick garden update

So the garden grew.

The tomato plants have shot up past my shoulders, filled with tiny yellow flower buds and unripe vegetables scattered throughout the greenery.

The cilantro was a huge success. No complaints there.

However, the beets… What a crushing disappointment.

My problematic faves

They grew, yes, but did they ever really take root? No. Did they ever produce a fruit I could look at with pride and say “we did it. You and me, beets, we did it, and now I shall eat you”? Hardly.

What I pulled out of the ground was no larger than a quarter, if that. Weeks of loving labor were condensed into the smallest, tiniest, most minuscule edible beet. It was SO TINY. LOOK.


I know this is because I planted everything late. My timeline was off, the soil was not the greatest, it happens. I’m still very much excited that I grew something from a tiny seed and then ate it. My suggestion is that everyone grow at least something in their lives and consume it. Its better for you, for your living space, for the world. You wont regret it!