As someone who is just learning anything about football on my ever continuing quest to learn as much as I can about this world, I really enjoy seeing plays like these. I’d been stuck with the idea that football was boring (that little idea hasn’t quite moved out yet though, he’s sort of an eternal boarder but one foot is out the door for now) even though I really knew nothing about it.

Recently though, I’ve been fascinated with following a few players. There is no way I could learn about the entire NFL or college football teams in any comprehensive way in a few days (which is disappointing) but I’m doing my best. Fun thing I learned after being confused about this AFC/NFC/AFL/NFL stuff was what it all meant (sort of). At least I know it’s conferences before they merged but then are still separated. I’m obviously still figuring it out. I still don’t understand how they come up with their playing schedules and who they play. But it’s a lot of fun and I feel like I need to brush up on so many things  in my life that it’s overwhelming, but this is a push in the right direction.

I’d love to do something with sports in the future, and sports photography is the direction I’d like to go in. But without sufficient knowledge about a particular sport I don’t think I’d ever be able to photograph it accurately, and I can’t have that.

But anyways, above I liked to a tweet about a really stunning play by Teddy Bridgewater. I first read about him in Sports Illustrated, and while I couldn’t find the profile on him, this sums up the piece pretty well. I may a little late on the ball with this guy, but hey, I hated Tom Brady for about four years for no apparent reason and I’m a Patriots fan, even with limited knowledge. So that’s the kind of person I am I guess, but I have seen the error of my ways, don’t worry.

Ok, I went on for a bit, but seriously watch the video in the tweet. It is an amazing play, and -at least in my opinion- it literally looks like he just chucks it up in the air. But then they catch it! It’s so cool! Sports!

That’s all for today,