Bucket List Item #24

I was just looking through my existing bucket list from about a year ago, and I saw

Finish an entire season of a completed show

Well, I can tell you that boy oh boy I have done this. And in spades.

Netflix makes this so super easy that I can’t even fathon how to explain it to you. Can’t even.

It Crowd? Boom. 3 days.

Supernatural? Labor of love, dozens of tears and a freakish amount of willpower: less than a year and a half.

Gossip Girl? Too many hours to count.

I have come to the realization that because I never really watched television shows before my freshman year, I routinely binge watch shows. This is bad and I do not encourage it unless it rains for a week straight and you are more invested in watching paint dry than do a thing.

Checking off this bucket list item benefited my life in no way whatsoever. It did however allow me to indulge in watching countless hours of tv, so I guess there’s that.

Hopefully on my next bucket list look through I’ll find something more enriching than finishing a television series.

Hope everyone had a happy New Year! I know I did! :)



Back at School

I’m back at school, and this means a new (academic) year, and new goals (academic and not). There are so many things that I’m hoping will happen, and I will try my best to make them happen, because without the effort, nothing would ever happen. So I’m really just trying to better myself and better my life everyday.

The main thing I have to keep in mind is that everything I do is to make myself happy and enrich my life in some way. Like If I spend time on the internet, I don’t want to be throwing hours away, even though I predict that I still will. What I’ll try to do instead is to limit the wasted time and counter it with scholarship and internship searching. Attaining these is more productive in the long run and will help keep me unstressed when the time comes for me to be stressed about them. It makes sense, I swear.

I also aim to be happier in my life choices. I have found that I have many regrets (most are small, but they are still there) and I do not want them floating around in my mind. My goal here is to do things that could negate them. My regrets have solutions, and even though I know they don’t really work like that, if I do things that make them inapplicable to worry about any more then it’s perfect! There are a lot of jumbled thoughts here and I’m not totally sure how to express them. It’s really hard to try to explain them but I tried, right? And therefore no one should criticize me.

Anyways, I hope everyone tries to better their lives this year. I will be trying in as  many ways as I can, so hopefully you do to. It’s better for you mentally, physically, and spiritually to be at peace with your life and choices. Aim to strive for better, always.