An early Friday Faves + some history

It’s been a while, and I’ve missed giving my opinion to the masses maybe three people who read my posts? Two? It could be more, but I’m convinced my WordPress analytic is broken and giving me very low reads, depriving me of knowing my true fan count.


This week I did a every bad thing. This bad thing was going to the library, which triggered the gaping hole in my psyche that convinces me to read at the expense of absolutely everything else in my life. I’m not lying when I say that I may be addicted to reading, and I won’t lie and say that I don’t have a problem with consuming books. I’ve been a voracious reader ever since I had the ability to put letters together to make words and as far back as I can remember, it’s been a torturous existence.

Reading takes over my free time and my non-free time. Throughout middle school and high school I developed weird reading habits at home, like reading in the closet or extended bathroom trips where my activity was to read. If I heard my mom or dad coming up the stairs or any movement headed toward my direction, I would make sure to hide whatever book I was reading and pretend to do homework. I was actually a super-dweeb.

Once my mom got so mad on seeing I was reading that she actually ripped whatever book that was (just kidding, I totally remember what it was. That event has been seared into my brain tissue) in half.

In half.

She was that mad.

She would actually complain to my teachers that I would read too much, although their reactions weren’t quite what she hoped.


But throughout college, where I had less free time – actually more, but not enough time to devote to mindless, debilitating reading – somehow it didn’t even crack the top five things to do. Which is literally unimaginable for me, considering I went to the library the other day on a whim and took out three books, because why not? It could be the post-grad blues plus the abundance of time in my evenings, or it could be that I can’t help myself. In the past week I’ve gone back to the library multiple times and taken out some more books.
I. Can’t. Stop. Even now, just thinking about it, I want to head back and look through the stacks.

Long story short: I visited the library this week and checked out these three gems.


California by Edan Lepucki

This dystopian, futuristic (not in the traditional robot way), post-apocalyptic novel was gripping. I literally couldn’t put it down and carried it with me all day until I finished it. I read snippets of it wherever I could, from the hospital waiting room, to the
train station, to late at night when I read the last, goosebumps inducing sentence. The buildup was perfect, but I could have more of the end, since it felt a bit rushed. I give it 3.5 shivers out of 5.

Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me, and Nearly Broke my Heart by William Alexander

flirting with french
source: amazon books, unfortunately

I love anything French, so the punchy cover page immediately drew me in, but the book consistently held my interest. Alexander writes so honestly about the struggles of learning a language past the “accepted” age that I desperately needed to know if he was successful in his endeavor. He cites real research throughout the chapters which mixed up the narrative in a great way. Like a good salmon, not too dry and not too juicy, this was a great memoir on learning a language and keeping your mind young. Four ouais out of cinq.

The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae

source:, unfortunately

Stop the presses. I was laughing out loud (literally lol-ing) at  every chapter. Rae writes so well about her life, family, memories from her childhood that continue to haunt her, that I felt every wince, grimace, and post-traumatic embarrassment with her. She struck so many chords with me that I couldn’t help stop the embarrassing moments  from cropping up into my mind. Thanks a lot Jo-Issa! No, seriously, thanks for writing such a great collection of memories from your life so far. Four facepalms out of five.

The takeaway: go to the library! You enrich your life and you keep a venerable institution going for as long as we, as a functioning society, can!


Fun at the Library

I work at the library at my University. My best friend does too, so naturally, we exchange stories of our daily…”adventures”, if you will, about our days. Today though, I’ll give you one of her stories, because it’s better than one I can recall of my own.

Libraries used to be a venerable place of scholars and learning. NOT ANYMORE. Students run rampant among the stacks, knocking books over, spitting at librarians, and in general wreaking havoc upon the save haven that is called a library. La biblioteca. Le bibliotheque. Ecetera.

This is all a lie, most students only ever kick over some shelves, so it’s not that big of a deal. What gets me is the weird thing people do actually do in such a public, but personal place. My friend, lets call her Tayler for now, works more in the stacks than I do (I’ll tell you what I do another time).

Tayler is awkward. I am awkward. The equation matches up and bing bang boom we are friends. So she is walking along, books in her hands to be shelved. Oh look, a joyous couple in the same aisle as her exchanging saliva. Oh joy, Christmas has come early this year. So early it’s practically Easter. (Good thing I’m funny or this blog post would suck)
As Tayler walks over to where her book needs to be shelved, an awful realization dawns on her: The couple is actually standing in front of the shelf she needs to stack. This is probably only funny to me, and I apologize profusely. But actually I don’t, because I don’t.
I’m not sure how she was able to handle this situation, because I probably would have just stopped, turned around and left. Tip: Avoid awkward interactions with people by justleaving. It works every time.
Also perhaps in my jealousy of their happiness I would have thrown my books at them and shown them my official Library Employee card and then ran away. That’s usually acceptable right?
Do people even have Library Employee cards?
But she just asks them politely, possibly in the tiniest of tiny whispers “Excuse me”, then as they probably stopped and looked at her like she was gum under the table, she quickly would have shelved the book and speed walked away. I see it so clearly.
Later, obviously now respectable patrons of the institution called A Library, the couple came back to take out a book, and my friend Tayler  was he one to check it out. her cheeks were probably pink with embarassment.
Then I found 20 dollars and this story because instantly more exciting!
Thanks y’all
(so not Southern…er……)