Good/Bad so far

Good things so far

I am in Paris and Paris is beautiful. Thus with transitive property, I am also beautiful ! (haha)

Bread. Bread everywhere.

This is hand in hand with all sort of viennoiseries* and cheeses. There are so many that it is literally overwhelming.

Cheese sold at our local market, Wednesdays and Saturdays
Cheese sold at our local market, Wednesdays and Saturdays

MARKETS. I can’t even begin to explain how 1) economic and 2) delicious the markets here are. Also 3) convenient. The markets here deserve a post or two (or perhaps a hundred).

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Even though its only been just over a week, I feel like I’ve already been in Paris for a very long time. When I’m getting used to being in a new situation, time seems to go really slowly because of all the new sights, people and surroundings. However, my excitement in being in Paris definitely overwhelmed any amount of stress IĀ  have been experiencing.

La Tour Eiffel
La Tour Eiffel

Tell me that isn’t worth a little bit of anxiety…

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Retrospective on a few days…

I am finally in France. Youpie!

After months of preparation, tears and frustration, I landed in Charles de Gaule, following a nightmare of a voyage. Generally, I am a good flier. I enjoy turbulence and I enjoy landing and taking off. I love the toilets because the plane is the one place in the entire world (apart from a McDonalds) where I do not suffer from P.A. I do not love the bad air, the hideous post-landing look or the food. But the thing I like the least, the thing that I hate with all the hate I can hold in my heart is my inability to sleep during a flight. The impossibility of it is astonishing.

Better sleeping conditions include: construction zones, soccer matches, the maternity ward and underwater.

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