Good/Bad so far

Good things so far

I am in Paris and Paris is beautiful. Thus with transitive property, I am also beautiful ! (haha)

Bread. Bread everywhere.

This is hand in hand with all sort of viennoiseries* and cheeses. There are so many that it is literally overwhelming.

Cheese sold at our local market, Wednesdays and Saturdays
Cheese sold at our local market, Wednesdays and Saturdays

MARKETS. I can’t even begin to explain how 1) economic and 2) delicious the markets here are. Also 3) convenient. The markets here deserve a post or two (or perhaps a hundred).

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Even though its only been just over a week, I feel like I’ve already been in Paris for a very long time. When I’m getting used to being in a new situation, time seems to go really slowly because of all the new sights, people and surroundings. However, my excitement in being in Paris definitely overwhelmed any amount of stress I  have been experiencing.

La Tour Eiffel
La Tour Eiffel

Tell me that isn’t worth a little bit of anxiety…

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Retrospective on a few days…

I am finally in France. Youpie!

After months of preparation, tears and frustration, I landed in Charles de Gaule, following a nightmare of a voyage. Generally, I am a good flier. I enjoy turbulence and I enjoy landing and taking off. I love the toilets because the plane is the one place in the entire world (apart from a McDonalds) where I do not suffer from P.A. I do not love the bad air, the hideous post-landing look or the food. But the thing I like the least, the thing that I hate with all the hate I can hold in my heart is my inability to sleep during a flight. The impossibility of it is astonishing.

Better sleeping conditions include: construction zones, soccer matches, the maternity ward and underwater.

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