My Accutane Journey: Eight Weeks In

Alright….I just took some photos of my face sans makeup today, which was demoralizing as usual. BUT, I’m not going to let that bother me, because I’m in California for a well-deserved break from ~real life~.

I attended Coachella the other week! The entire event was truly amazing. I have never experienced anything like it, and will give you guys an update on that soon.

*Disclaimer* I took these photos a week ago, and I’ve got to say my face looks better since then. This statement was also to make myself feel not so ugly? I really wish I’d been more vigilant in taking a photo each week to personally track my progress. It’s validating and makes me feel like the $$$$$$$$ I am dropping on this medication is worth it? I hope so?

It’s my biggest fear -after moths, of course– that this won’t work and I’ll be in the percentage that just gets acne again once I get off the medication.

At this point in the treatment, my skin is a sponge. Guys, it is a sponge. I caved and bought a face serum. Like some kind of fancy-pants, bourgeois, kale popcorn eating, Stepford wife. Or someone who takes pride in their skincare.

So. My lips need constant moisturizing. While in California, I bought five, five, chapsticks. I kept forgetting to put them in my bag and would inevitably find that my lips needed moisture wicking, salvation bringing life. The last time I forgot my lip balm at home I just went to target and bought a pack of three Carmex tins to end the nonsense once and for all. There is no moment in which Carmex is not on my lips.

By far the worst part is the cracking in the corners of my mouth. If they get too dry, the skin rips apart again, even if it has slightly healed. Its great. Nothing like not being able to eat salad with oil and vinegar dressing to remind you to slather on more Carmex!

I’m not sponsored by Carmex.

I try to keep my face as clean as possible and wash my makeup off as soon as I get home and have nowhere to be. My makeup brushes are cleaned every other day if they touch my face. I drink loads of water. I have gentle facial cleansers and a gentle toner.

I caved and bought micellar water. I use sunscreen! Good god! I am a changed woman.

But the dryness is real, folks. I’ve been trying to stay hydrated and moisturized. Basically I am a low-wattage lightbulb.

As for my progress, since there are no previous photos to pit this against, I can’t give you a good before/after comparison.

But *cringing* here are my photos! I’m facing *hah* a very real fear here, especially since this is connected to my social media…

my better side….plus my beauty mark/mole thing




the void in which I reside





Honestly I have never put a photo up without makeup on. I’m trying not to scroll back up and look at it and wallow in the hopeless feeling it gives me. It’s easy for me to get bummed out about this situation, but if this is one of my biggest problems, I think I’ll be ok.

Here’s hoping next month will be even better! Cause it does get better, I promise.