Quotation Sunday

“Try to list the endless reasons why it’s good to be alive, and then just smile for awhile about them.”

Paul Baribeau


Hey Internet peoples!

Please do this! I follow a blogger who posts every so often about good things about her day. It’s a nice reflection exercise that focuses on the positive points of her day, even if there were more negative events. They don’t even have to be that significant. Many times, items in her list are things like “took a walk outside” or “got some coffee with friends”. You don’t have to go big or go home. I think this is an attitude that we all have. Something has to be exceptional to be considered a good thing that happened to you, but I think that the best moments are the small ones.

Sublime moments are what get us through this life. Some days, the best thing that happens to me is I get a chance to sit by the window and read for an hour. I could literally not see another human the entire day and still feel fulfilled because I did something that made me happy.

So, basically what I’m getting at is pay attention to the details. Reflect on the things in your day that made you happy, or even smile. Write them down if you have the chance. The moments will practically write themselves on the paper; it’s that easy. You’ll find that there were a lot of moments that made you feel great, like watching a leaf float down from a branch, or catching the bus on time without needing to run. Maybe you ate a great sandwich or rang your mom on the phone (they love that). Maybe you got an A on a hard assignment or got a promotion! Nothing is too big or too small!

Go nuts everybody! X,




Quotation Sunday

“Time is a wonderful teacher; unfortunately, it kills all its pupils.”

Hector Berlioz

How wonderful! But I’m really not kidding. I saw this and for a few seconds I couldn’t think of anything except that I wanted to share this with friends (not that any friends follow me on WordPress, but hellooooo internet people). The bitter truth in this quotation isn’t hidden by the humor. Instead, that absurd bluntness gives it the real slice of life-pie that it is. Such a cool sentiment, even if it is a bit morbid.

Quotation Sunday

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”
-Guillaume Apollinaire

Just be happy! Come on people, yes even you! try it!! Instead of hounding your goals, sometimes it’s better to let things happen. Happiness can be something you create, but you can’t control its course. Take a step back, relax, and you’ll probably find that you are happier than expected, like Apollinaire seems to think.

Duty Calls

P.A. is a serious condition that affects at least 1% of the world. People who have P.A. have trouble in certain social situations and may seems anxious at social gatherings in a variety of settings. You may be asking what this potentially devastating condition is. To put it simply, P.A. is scientific shorthand for Poop Anxiety.

Some of you may have just stopped reading. “What a joke“, you may be saying, or “What the hell is Poop Anxiety?” For those of you who have faithfully stayed, thank you. I’m here to guide you through your newly found awareness with my own experiences.

note: Poop Anxiety simply means that in cases where an individual needs to go number 2, there exists a factor which unnerves said individual making going impossible.

I am a sufferer of P.A. Poop anxiety gets me at my most vulnerable, making it particularily troubling. It can happen anywhere; I can be at a party, staying as a guest in someone’s house, or at a restaurant. There are infinite possibilities.

I had the most trouble in my dorm room. The bathroom nearest to me had four stalls, four showers and about seven hundred sinks. At any given time, there could be upwards of twenty thousand girls in the bathroom. At any given time, about half of these girls would just stand in front of the mirror doing girly things like fixing their hair, checking every square inch of their faces, or flossing.

I on the other hand, would have wrongly assumed that at 2 a.m. most humans would have gone to bed, leaving me in peace to go. Little did I know that one girl was going to come in and stand in front of the sink for actually around 20 minutes. I couldn’t go. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. And I, not knowing what to do after the tenth minute of sitting, waiting, praying for this girl tofinish up her routine,was slowly dying of awkwardness and embarassment  of being in the stall for longer than was normal. I couldn’t just get up and leave, I’d just been sitting there silently. So I did what any rational human would do in the scenario.

I pretended to cry.

Faking an emotional breakdown is silly. It’s sillier when your pajama pants are around your ankles.

You can see how emotionally crippling P.A. can be. It caused me 20+ minutes of awkward discomfort that ended in (fake) tears. Times like these are unfortunate and probably shouldn’t be discussed on the internet.

P.A. is a serious thing, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you suspect some one of having this while they are in the bathroom, please leave for a few moments and come back, unless you have to use the facilities before you have an accident. It’s only common courtesy. I did it the other day, and the minute the bathroom door closed, I heard the girl inside flush immediately. Point proven.

So, just be aware now that you know of P.A.

And you’re welcome.

More Fun at the Library

As I’ve mentioned before, I work at the library at my university. It’s a great job. I check the study carrels. What is that? you may ask, as does anyone and everyone I try to explain my job to. We have (millions of) tiny study rooms in the library which students and other scholars and what not can check out to use for a whole semester of sleep inducing work. At least, I assume so because sometimes when people leave their doors open for curious eyes, they are almost always asleep.

(At this point in writing this, I accidentally hit backspace. I also am not very good at WordPress, so I spent much too long looking for my post and imagining it at the bottom of the ocean. Also the mouse of this computer randomly clicks and will throw off my typing. RATHER ANNOYING IF YOU ASK ME.)

My favorite aspect of this job is when people have personalized their little study rooms. It’s cute, it really is. Sometimes my heart melts when I see on a professors wall a picture of their tiny little 3 year old who is learning to write (or whenever it is that children start doing that), saying, I love you daddy, I hope your desertashun is best from everyone. My heart actually melts.

Into goo.

And then I remember I have a job to do, and like any one who is being paid for their time, I clog around the room a bit, and then leave to the next room.

But I love the personalizations. The pictures and posters are sometimes great. Some people have bus schedules or maps posted up, notes from family members (see: above) pictures of families are great unless you have an ugly family, etc.

I am only joking. Ish.

Things that are not great: Scary posters of The Joker under your desk so when I bend down to pick something up I practically poop my pants. Food (not even allowed so I have to leave you notes). Books that aren’t checked out (YOU KNOW THE RULES, just go downstairs and check them out!!!! My job is actually to see if the books you have out are checked out so that you don’t make the circulation staffs lives more miserable.). A pile of blankets under a desk in a the corner that looks exactly what I imagine a body wrapped up in blankets looks like. Please don’t try to scare me, people.

But sometimes I invade their privacy and take pictures of their rooms if they’re interesting. I won’t post them here, because 1) thats weird, 2) I don’t want to get fired because I feel like you can for something like that and 3) technologically, I don’t even know how to do that. So if you’re lucky enough to be a friend who I text photos to, congrats! you have seen a picture of the Kelly dolls in a room filled with childrens toys.

Also, I did play with the Kelly dolls (note: Barbies baby sister, I guess.). I took their shoes off and everything. It was the most  super thing ever.

So, yup. I have now enriched your lives with exciting stories. (LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) (<—–that……I have no words)

All right, until next time!


(ooooh so mysterious)

Fun at the Library

I work at the library at my University. My best friend does too, so naturally, we exchange stories of our daily…”adventures”, if you will, about our days. Today though, I’ll give you one of her stories, because it’s better than one I can recall of my own.

Libraries used to be a venerable place of scholars and learning. NOT ANYMORE. Students run rampant among the stacks, knocking books over, spitting at librarians, and in general wreaking havoc upon the save haven that is called a library. La biblioteca. Le bibliotheque. Ecetera.

This is all a lie, most students only ever kick over some shelves, so it’s not that big of a deal. What gets me is the weird thing people do actually do in such a public, but personal place. My friend, lets call her Tayler for now, works more in the stacks than I do (I’ll tell you what I do another time).

Tayler is awkward. I am awkward. The equation matches up and bing bang boom we are friends. So she is walking along, books in her hands to be shelved. Oh look, a joyous couple in the same aisle as her exchanging saliva. Oh joy, Christmas has come early this year. So early it’s practically Easter. (Good thing I’m funny or this blog post would suck)
As Tayler walks over to where her book needs to be shelved, an awful realization dawns on her: The couple is actually standing in front of the shelf she needs to stack. This is probably only funny to me, and I apologize profusely. But actually I don’t, because I don’t.
I’m not sure how she was able to handle this situation, because I probably would have just stopped, turned around and left. Tip: Avoid awkward interactions with people by justleaving. It works every time.
Also perhaps in my jealousy of their happiness I would have thrown my books at them and shown them my official Library Employee card and then ran away. That’s usually acceptable right?
Do people even have Library Employee cards?
But she just asks them politely, possibly in the tiniest of tiny whispers “Excuse me”, then as they probably stopped and looked at her like she was gum under the table, she quickly would have shelved the book and speed walked away. I see it so clearly.
Later, obviously now respectable patrons of the institution called A Library, the couple came back to take out a book, and my friend Tayler  was he one to check it out. her cheeks were probably pink with embarassment.
Then I found 20 dollars and this story because instantly more exciting!
Thanks y’all
(so not Southern…er……)

I’m glad I’ve…

I’m glad I’ve been able to write in this SO OFTEN.

That was a joke, because as you can clearly see, I haven’t written anything here in over a month. Oh goody for me!

What I am trying to accomplish right now is the faliure of an essay. What I mean is that I want to do this essay, I really do. Truly. But it doesn’t want to be done aka I am on the internet and I do not want to do it! EVER. It is also a literature review, which, for those of you uninformed is the writing version of Statan’s spawn.

And I kid you not.

Literally this thing is awful. It’s like a research paper in that I had to do research for it, but it isn’t because I am making no thesis, no “north star question” bullshit. I am restating what other people have said about my topic and putting that in the essay in different categories.

I know I’m not making it sound awful, but the emotional stress of this thing is going to be literally LIFED OFF OF MY SHOULDERS very soon.

And I am ashamed to admit that getting above an 80 would make me the happiest gal in the world. I am settling for less. I am settling for something UNDER A 90 on this assignment.

That doesn’t happen, I – I- this class is supposed to be easy as pie! I’m supposed to be doing really well! I AM DOING REALLY WELL! why is this paper going to RUIN MY GRADE?!?!??!?!?!??!!??!?!??!

Idiocy. And the internet.

These are the factors both at fault.

And Netflix. The AMOUNT of episodes of Skins I have watched rahter than do work these past few days is more than the amount of section heads were supposed to have. Self hatred commence……now.

So toodloo everyone,

until next time!

First Post

! this is so exciting!

I really like WordPress so far. I’ve had to use it for an English class, which I think is really cool, and so I’ve gotten a little familiar with this site. I’m still a novice at it though, and I can’t figure out everything yet. (I changed the theme of one of the class blogs by accident :) )

But I bet with a little time I’ll be much better at WordPress. We’ll see!!!! Hope springs eternal, so….

Forever yours,