My Accutane Journey: Finally Beginning

Bringing out the big guns was, according to my dermatologist, not that necessary. We can tackle this with antibiotics and prescription face washes, she said, while I, internally screaming, nodded along.

Sureok we can give it a try. It became a phrase I got used to saying to my doctor and dermatologists over the years, when I knew it would do close to nothing. The last time my dermatologist prescribed me a three-part treatment, I only chose the face wash, which was gentle on skin and had a secondary purpose of treating roseacea. So, um, ok, this roseacea was news to me. I assume it was because I had washed my face with an aggressive cleanser to take off my work make up. But hey, what do know.

But I chose only the face wash because the antibiotic and the topical cream she prescribed would only have a minor effect.

After 10+ years of struggling with some sort of blemish on my face, I like to think I have a vague understanding of how my face and body react to treatments. I did not appreciate being unheard by my medical professionals. I was frustrated and angry, especially when I learned that I would have to go through six months of alternative treatment before I could qualify for Isotretinoin.

Wow. Woooooow.

Wasn’t my entire adolescent life proof enough?

My preferred selfie. Obscured face.

As a somewhat important side note: I’ve never had severe cystic acne, or even moderate cystic acne. I don’t know that struggle, and I can’t pretend to.  Just persistent, seemingly endless breakouts and pimple parties. As I type this, I have a lurker right on the tip of my nose. I’ve never had that before. It’s almost like a final screw you from my face.

Anyways, I haven’t seen my actual face without some sort of acne on it since I was eleven years old. This has taken an immense toll on me throughout the years. My confidence and self-worth is on the longest roller coaster ride I never bought tickets for. I would like to stop this ride now, please.

So, I’ve found myself at the door of Accutane Claravis, hoping for some, for any respite. My derm finally allowed me to go on the medication, a song and dance for another post.

Right now I’m on day ten, and I’m starting to feel like a dried out sponge, and it could be a placebo effect, but I’m feeling better about my skin. I thought I would keep a log to compare my months, and maybe post pictures? Yikes?

I hope this works, and I’ll start posting my grievances and tips as I come across them.



2 thoughts on “My Accutane Journey: Finally Beginning

  1. love this :) i am currently blogging my experience with accutane. i really hope it works for you and you finally egt the skin your comfortable in. Oh i can relate to the painful journey with medication that doesnt work!

    1. Thanks Kiya :) I’m glad you’re also doing so. I remember reading as many personal accounts as I could, and finding that I wanted more. I will definitely check out your posts, and I wish the same for you. It’s a long journey and hopefully
      works out for both of us :)

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