Post-grad life

It’s been 21.5 weeks since I graduated. That’s 147 days, or 3,528 hours, or 211,680 minutes. In seconds it would be 12,700,800, and ugh how grim is that? Now that fall has truly, officially, irreversibly arrived, I am stumped. How did this happen? When did I let the days slip away?

Update: I spent a while looking at this post while it was in construction. I had nothing new to add to it in the few days I worked on it, which sounds bad, right? Nothing seemed right to add, and I’ve been totally consumed with trying to get gifs to work on this blog, only to find that, in fact, gifs are a plug-in that wont work unless I save them and then insert as media. So I’m still working on doing that without imploding my page.

Also part of this update: It’s been a few weeks since I did the math above so just assume the number is larger. More minutes and more seconds. Grimmer than the Brother’s Grimm and the Grim reaper combined.


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