Adventures in gardening

Since graduating, I’ve had a tiny large amount of free time on my hands. When I’m not at the beach, reading, applying for work, or shamelessly mooching off the household, I’ve been gardening. Which is way more fun than I thought it would be!

I bought 3 seed packets, and now I’m growing tomatoes, beets and cilantro. I wish I had taken pictures of all the plants when I initially plants them. They were in old plastic take out boxes and were so cute once they sprouted. Now they’re all flourishing, and I’m a proud mama! This truly is post grad life at it’s best.

Had a visitor while I gardened!
A cluster of beet plants before being spreadout.

Today I was outside weeding around my cutie little plants because they were being smothered by giant, leafy, weeds and my goal is to see at least a few fruits of my labor. The cilantro grew perfectly, but the tomatoes and beets are a little more high maintenance. I’ve had to rehome the beets a few times after they start to crowd each other, and the tomato plants had to be rearranged to climb up poles, but otherwise they are moving at a great pace. I can’t wait to see little red tomatoes and at least one beet! If even one beet plant successfully produces a beet, I will be prouder than an honor-roll student’s mom.

Separated beet babies :)

We’ll see what happens. I hope they take root and start become big beets soon :) I highly suggest gardening. It’s been immensely rewarding seeing real results of my hard work. I feel so zen putting around the garden and getting my mind off of bothersome topics, and I love that I learned a new skill that has real, tangible effects in my life.


One thought on “Adventures in gardening

  1. Haha cats and gardens. I remember my mom planted some catnip and our cat use to get some out of it’s mind lol kinda took me back to all the adventures she seemed to have in the garden with other beings and other cats.

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