Good/Bad so far

Good things so far

I am in Paris and Paris is beautiful. Thus with transitive property, I am also beautiful ! (haha)

Bread. Bread everywhere.

This is hand in hand with all sort of viennoiseries* and cheeses. There are so many that it is literally overwhelming.

Cheese sold at our local market, Wednesdays and Saturdays
Cheese sold at our local market, Wednesdays and Saturdays

MARKETS. I can’t even begin to explain how 1) economic and 2) delicious the markets here are. Also 3) convenient. The markets here deserve a post or two (or perhaps a hundred).

Celebrating my 21 birthday in Paris! This makes my second birthday that I’ve been blessed enough to have in a stunning city.

The beautiful surroundings. There is a never ending parade of aesthetically pleasing things to take in, from the awesome to the subtle. Drink them up, take photos, always always observe.

La Tour Eiffel with a crepe
La Tour Eiffel with a crepe

Classes are really interesting, and my french is improving so much. I bought a phone plan entirely in french, which is akin to a miracle, because I don’t know how to do that in English…

The baker recognizes me when I walk in and knows exactly what I get (baguette, SVP).

Bad things so far

The euro to dollar exchange rate is terrible (currently 1.38 dollars to 1.00 euro).

I want to take naps all the time, and there just isn’t time or good enough reasons for napping while I am IN PARIS. I can nap when I’m back home.

Too many carbs! Too much food!

Frosting delicious looking meringues
Frosting delicious looking meringues

No gyms because they cost a pretty penny here, although I hear I can get a pool membership for three months!

I miss home sometimes. Mostly when I’m tired, when nothing would be better than to be at home drinking tea in my kitchen surrounded by my family.

I miss tv, my cat and my friends.

The only part of the Olympics I saw was a skiing event where the skiiers basically flew off their jumps and fell hundreds of feet. Scandinavian countries seemed to be doing quite well, if I remember.

My 21st birthday was here, and not back home where it matters. In Paris, I just turned a year older….ick

* (I apologize for linking to wikipedia)


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