Retrospective on a few days…

I am finally in France. Youpie!

After months of preparation, tears and frustration, I landed in Charles de Gaule, following a nightmare of a voyage. Generally, I am a good flier. I enjoy turbulence and I enjoy landing and taking off. I love the toilets because the plane is the one place in the entire world (apart from a McDonalds) where I do not suffer from P.A. I do not love the bad air, the hideous post-landing look or the food. But the thing I like the least, the thing that I hate with all the hate I can hold in my heart is my inability to sleep during a flight. The impossibility of it is astonishing.

Better sleeping conditions include: construction zones, soccer matches, the maternity ward and underwater.

I did, however, watch three episodes of Modern Family followed by The Butterfly Effect for a second time, and an episode of a show I didn’t know. I spoke with the Danish lady next to me about everything from schooling to how Armenia beat Denmark 4-1 in the world cup qualifiers. I listened to the lady on the other side of the Dane try to sell her chocolate.

The stop over in Reykjavik was great. It was short, early (it was 6:30 am) and empty. Breakfast consisted of a yogurt with cereal topping and an included little spoon that was 100% Scandinavian in design. Reference:the following bad iphone picture that doesn’t do it justice.

so cute!

Wait this is happening in real time. Looking at this big photo, I can see the expiration date of the yogurt that I guess I must have ignored before???? It expired on New Years????? I ate it a month later????????


I was going to tell you all later on in this post but now is as good of a time as any! During my second stretch from Reykjavik to Paris, in between bouts of my eternal suffering I realized my tummy felt a little off. Perhaps it was from my general irritated disposition or perhaps because I hadn’t slept in almost a day, but I felt the need to get up and stretch. I ended up stretching my throw-up muscles and out went my yummy traitorous yogurt and banana I ate.


Anyways, everything else followed without a hitch. I landed. Found my luggage and access to a free cart. Didn’t have to go through customs (youpie).

And that’s just the beginning! So many good things and I haven’t even begun yet to have adventures -well I had one involving raw meat, but that is for next time!

A bientot!




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