Quotation Sunday

“Try to list the endless reasons why it’s good to be alive, and then just smile for awhile about them.”

Paul Baribeau


Hey Internet peoples!

Please do this! I follow a blogger who posts every so often about good things about her day. It’s a nice reflection exercise that focuses on the positive points of her day, even if there were more negative events. They don’t even have to be that significant. Many times, items in her list are things like “took a walk outside” or “got some coffee with friends”. You don’t have to go big or go home. I think this is an attitude that we all have. Something has to be exceptional to be considered a good thing that happened to you, but I think that the best moments are the small ones.

Sublime moments are what get us through this life. Some days, the best thing that happens to me is I get a chance to sit by the window and read for an hour. I could literally not see another human the entire day and still feel fulfilled because I did something that made me happy.

So, basically what I’m getting at is pay attention to the details. Reflect on the things in your day that made you happy, or even smile. Write them down if you have the chance. The moments will practically write themselves on the paper; it’s that easy. You’ll find that there were a lot of moments that made you feel great, like watching a leaf float down from a branch, or catching the bus on time without needing to run. Maybe you ate a great sandwich or rang your mom on the phone (they love that). Maybe you got an A on a hard assignment or got a promotion! Nothing is too big or too small!

Go nuts everybody! X,




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