Friday Favorites: Songs (Again)

I just love listening to music, so you’ll have to forgive me posting back to back Friday faves about songs.

Because I’m on a weird country music kick (that I’ll have to explain in a later post since I’ve actually started to understand my weird brain), I’m apologizing for the space they’ll take on my list.

1) “Year of the Cat” by Al Stewart. Oh MAN how could I not have mentioned this last week. I have a hard time not mentioning this to every human I talk to. It’s like some uncontrollable need of mine to mention that this, this GENIUS song is one of my all time favorites to anyone with a pulse. It is poetry to music, it is a symphony set to lyrical brilliance. And that saxophone. THAT SAXOPHONE.

2)  I have a country music crush, and it is Luke Bryan, who I am sure is everyone’s country music celebrity crush. But I am speaking from the perspective that I am the general consensus (I am), so there’s that conundrum. So really anything by Luke Bryan, but I am a huge fan of “That’s My Kind of Night,” because I just want that wonderful man specimen to call my “little hot self over” there. I will follow him like he is the Messiah. So yeah, I can’t stop listening to this song because feelings. No other reason.

Wow just watch him do things in his video.

3) “Can’t Stand Me Now” by The Libertines.

Can't Stand Me Now
Can’t Stand Me Now

From that very subtle cowbell in the beginning to the catchy punk pop guitar stuff going on, this song is just so head boppy and cool in that British way. Pete Doherty at an upbeat swing being sensitive to this girl who seems like she’s kind of annoying only makes me love this song more. While 90% of the song is the band telling this girl what she already knows (that she can’t stand him, probably for the reason that he keeps affirming her dislike of him), it’s still quite lovely. Take a lesson from him and just be cool, but also maybe date someone who likes you? Just a thought. Still can’t stop, won’t stop, listening to this song.




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