Five Friday Favorites: Songs

Songs of the week I just keep replaying and replaying and replaying and replaying….

1) Any version of “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac I can find on YouTube. I really do mean ANY version, because if you were able to look at my video history it looks like I’m a bit obsessive. I am. But what is really great is that each version, from show to show, year to year, has the ability to mean something else each time. That’s what makes it a classic.

This video is especially my favorite out of the bunch. It’s from 1976. After that, listen to this one and then tell me they are not two entirely different songs.

2) I’m on a country kick -which is strange to everyone in my family and my friends, because they know I was anti-country music since I was a wee fetus – and I can’t stop listening to Zac Brown Band. Specifically “Got Whatever It Is“. He may be beardy, but you’re lying if you wouldn’t want to hear someone say you’ve “got a smile that can knock a grown man to his knees.” That means you have a GREAT SMILE. Congrats! It’s also a really nice jam, so. There’s that.

3) On the topic of country and different versions of songs, Johnny Cash’s rendition of the Eagles’  “Desperado” is wonderful. I can’t link a video here because of copyrights on YouTube, but go, right now, and find someone who has the album and listen to it. The emotion in “Desperado” is as wide as the prairie sky (hah) (but it really is), and you will weep while washing your dishes, or whatever you do in your free time. Just maybe wait for the perfect non-sunny day/evening to listen to this song…

What songs do you have a hard time not listening to? Let me know so I can listen to them too!




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