Just Tiny Bites of Sounds

So thank goodness for music.

Really, there are so many moments in songs where the words, accompanied by the music, just blow me away. It doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, something inside of me is as blissfully complete as when I find the missing puzzle piece.

What is it about the combination of music and words that connects with an individual? I find this unbelievablely magical. That feeling when a song hits home is perfect. Wide eyes, slack jaw, faint smile, maybe goosebumps.

Sometimes it isn’t even the first time you’ll hear a song. Maybe it’s the tenth time, and you’re listening, like really listening, and all of a sudden, it makes sense. Yes, that is it, isn’t it? That is exactly what I’m thinking. In my short two decades of life this is one of my favorite incomparable events. It’s in the sublime that we truly find the great beauties in life, in the inconsequential minutes that become the most powerful memories.

It’s no surprise then, to find that music plays such an important role throughout the history of humans. Music has had the power to bring together communities of humans and to also bring them apart. From folk music to church hymns to rock and roll, each new development has caused rifts and connections.  Cowboys played music together far from home.  Laura Ingalls’ father would come home and bring out the fiddle. Villages defined traditions with specific music for different occasions. The evolution of music from then to now is almost unfathomable, what with the ability to share and connect practically anything with a simple click of a button.

These aren’t new thoughts. I haven’t said anything that hasn’t been said, written, or thought before. There have been books, theses, documentaries made about music that are expertly written by those who understand more about their subjects than I will ever know, but in light of the new year that brings with it unknowable changes, I felt compelled to throw in my two cents.

In a world that increasingly grows smaller, music is one of forces that continues to traverse obstacles and trandscend boundaries, and what a magical feat that is.


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