More Fun at the Library

As I’ve mentioned before, I work at the library at my university. It’s a great job. I check the study carrels. What is that? you may ask, as does anyone and everyone I try to explain my job to. We have (millions of) tiny study rooms in the library which students and other scholars and what not can check out to use for a whole semester of sleep inducing work. At least, I assume so because sometimes when people leave their doors open for curious eyes, they are almost always asleep.

(At this point in writing this, I accidentally hit backspace. I also am not very good at WordPress, so I spent much too long looking for my post and imagining it at the bottom of the ocean. Also the mouse of this computer randomly clicks and will throw off my typing. RATHER ANNOYING IF YOU ASK ME.)

My favorite aspect of this job is when people have personalized their little study rooms. It’s cute, it really is. Sometimes my heart melts when I see on a professors wall a picture of their tiny little 3 year old who is learning to write (or whenever it is that children start doing that), saying, I love you daddy, I hope your desertashun is best from everyone. My heart actually melts.

Into goo.

And then I remember I have a job to do, and like any one who is being paid for their time, I clog around the room a bit, and then leave to the next room.

But I love the personalizations. The pictures and posters are sometimes great. Some people have bus schedules or maps posted up, notes from family members (see: above) pictures of families are great unless you have an ugly family, etc.

I am only joking. Ish.

Things that are not great: Scary posters of The Joker under your desk so when I bend down to pick something up I practically poop my pants. Food (not even allowed so I have to leave you notes). Books that aren’t checked out (YOU KNOW THE RULES, just go downstairs and check them out!!!! My job is actually to see if the books you have out are checked out so that you don’t make the circulation staffs lives more miserable.). A pile of blankets under a desk in a the corner that looks exactly what I imagine a body wrapped up in blankets looks like. Please don’t try to scare me, people.

But sometimes I invade their privacy and take pictures of their rooms if they’re interesting. I won’t post them here, because 1) thats weird, 2) I don’t want to get fired because I feel like you can for something like that and 3) technologically, I don’t even know how to do that. So if you’re lucky enough to be a friend who I text photos to, congrats! you have seen a picture of the Kelly dolls in a room filled with childrens toys.

Also, I did play with the Kelly dolls (note: Barbies baby sister, I guess.). I took their shoes off and everything. It was the most  super thing ever.

So, yup. I have now enriched your lives with exciting stories. (LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) (<—–that……I have no words)

All right, until next time!


(ooooh so mysterious)


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