I’m glad I’ve…

I’m glad I’ve been able to write in this SO OFTEN.

That was a joke, because as you can clearly see, I haven’t written anything here in over a month. Oh goody for me!

What I am trying to accomplish right now is the faliure of an essay. What I mean is that I want to do this essay, I really do. Truly. But it doesn’t want to be done aka I am on the internet and I do not want to do it! EVER. It is also a literature review, which, for those of you uninformed is the writing version of Statan’s spawn.

And I kid you not.

Literally this thing is awful. It’s like a research paper in that I had to do research for it, but it isn’t because I am making no thesis, no “north star question” bullshit. I am restating what other people have said about my topic and putting that in the essay in different categories.

I know I’m not making it sound awful, but the emotional stress of this thing is going to be literally LIFED OFF OF MY SHOULDERS very soon.

And I am ashamed to admit that getting above an 80 would make me the happiest gal in the world. I am settling for less. I am settling for something UNDER A 90 on this assignment.

That doesn’t happen, I – I- this class is supposed to be easy as pie! I’m supposed to be doing really well! I AM DOING REALLY WELL! why is this paper going to RUIN MY GRADE?!?!??!?!?!??!!??!?!??!

Idiocy. And the internet.

These are the factors both at fault.

And Netflix. The AMOUNT of episodes of Skins I have watched rahter than do work these past few days is more than the amount of section heads were supposed to have. Self hatred commence……now.

So toodloo everyone,

until next time!


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